“EO-PERSIST” kick-off meeting taking place at the premises of the Harokopio University of Athens, between 25 and 26 January 2023

In the face of our rapidly changing climate, it is imperative that we comprehend the damaging effects of climate change on the Arctic’s local and regional natural environments, infrastructures, and industries. In order to achieve this goal, Earth Observation (EO) is the best way forward, as consistent long-term ground observations are exceedingly difficult to obtain. Recent advancements in EO sensors, cloud computing, geographical information systems (GIS), and socioeconomics present exceptional prospects for stimulating research and socioeconomic analysis in the Arctic. Nevertheless, despite their abundance, EO data is distributed in an unorganized and disconnected manner through numerous online platforms and in various formats, posing difficulties in their utilization.

EO-PERSIST proposes the creation of a cloud-based system that will provide a unique way of accessing, collecting, managing, and exploiting the available EO data suitable for permafrost studies. The system utilises current services, datasets and cutting-edge technologies to a) establish a perpetually updated ecosystem with Earth observation datasets suitable for permafrost studies, b) facilitate methodological improvements in permafrost studies by harnessing the vast amount of EO datasets and c) deliver indicators directly linked to socioeconomic impacts on permafrost dynamics. Experimental analysis will also be conducted using the system to demonstrate its utilisation through five selected and inventive Use Cases, which will serve as Key Performance Indicators.

EO-PERSIST unites both academic and industry personnel through well-planned secondments, creating a special and productive collaborative research and innovation setting to encourage cutting-edge research and the establishment of socio-economic studies in the Arctic. A robust and diverse research team, comprising of 5 academic and 5 industrial partners hailing from Greece(3), Finland(1), Sweden(1), Germany(1), Poland(1), Romania(2) and Italy(1), forms the consortium for the project.

Below are presented photographs from “EO-PERSIST” kick-off meeting taking place at the premises of the Harokopio University of Athens, between 25 and 26 January 2023.


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EO-PERSIST is a 48-month research project funded by EU and the HORIZON TMA MSCA Staff Exchanges call aimed at understanding the impacts of climate change on Arctic environments, infrastructures, and industries.