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EO-PERSIST is a 48-month research project

funded by EU and the HORIZON TMA MSCA Staff Exchanges call aimed at understanding the impacts of climate change on Arctic environments, infrastructures, and industries. To achieve this, we are developing a cloud-based system that will allow us to collect, manage, and analyze Earth Observation (EO) data that is suitable for permafrost studies.

By leveraging recent advances in EO sensors, cloud computing, geographical information systems (GIS), and socioeconomics, we are creating a unique opportunity to promote pioneering research and socio-economic studies in the Arctic.

The EO-PERSIST project is a collaborative research and innovation initiative

that aims to establish a fertile environment for staff exchanges, knowledge sharing, and know-how transfer. The project’s main goal is to leverage existing services, datasets, and novel technologies to create a continuously updated ecosystem with Earth Observation (EO)-based datasets suitable for permafrost applications.

The project will promote methodological advances in the field of permafrost by exploiting the huge volume of remote sensing (RS) datasets and provide indicators directly connected with socioeconomic effects from permafrost dynamics. The project will perform experimental analysis through five use cases, which will also serve as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the system. In particular, EO-PERSIST UC are the following:

UC 1: Land degradation
UC 2: Temperature anomalies
UC 3: Coastal monitoring and modeling
UC 4: Active layer freeze-thaw cycle monitoring using TSInSAR
UC 5: Exploitation of low frequency SAR

EO-PERSIST’s specific objectives are:

The project's main research and innovation is the availability of a unique way of collecting, managing, and exploiting available EO data suitable for permafrost socioeconomic studies and research via one single cloud-based system/platform. By achieving these objectives, EO-PERSIST is expected to make a significant impact on the understanding and management of permafrost dynamics and contribute to the sustainable development of the Arctic region.


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